When to go to Tanzania for Safari

Answering the question of When to go to Tanzania for Safari - Best time to go on a Tanzania Safari. Best time to climb Kilimanjaro
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When to go to Tanzania for Safari

Here is a broad guide to the climate of Tanzania and the Best Time For A Tanzanian Safari– although remember that this comes from records and experience, not from a crystal ball.

As we have all seen weather across the world is changing and Tanzania is no different. The strict rainy seasons are becoming increasingly unpredictable, probably due to global warming. Tanzania is a tropical country but due to it’s size and elevation changes the weather varies greatly.

in general and the best thing to plan for when to go to Tanzania for safari is that the main rain season, called the ‘long rains’, usually begins in May and last until June. We are however seeing this stretch until August in recent years but the rain is less frequent. The rains are heavier and more predictable beside the coast and on the islands.

Humidity on the coastline is high throughout the year.  In between rainy seasons there is the long dry season this if from July to October and it used to be very unusual to see rain during this time. With worldwide affects of global warming we are now starting to see sporadic showers. During the dry season these rainy days are still few and far between. The temperature varies significantly on where you are in Tanzania – location and altitude all have an effect.  This is one of the best times to come to Tanzania and Zanzibar.

At the end of the dry season come – the short rains – usually Nov and Dec. These are much lower intensity than the long rains and in some years do not arrive. These are known as the mango rains as these rains help the young mango grow in the farms. During November and December there’s another rainy season this is called ‘short rains’.

When the rain ends then Tanzania’s hot season begins  -this is Dec-Feb and has the most sunlight hours and highest temperatures.

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Our Top Tips On When To Go For a Tanzania Safari

  • The best wildlife viewing months in Tanzania are during the Dry season from late June to October.
  • Some National Parks (Nyerere National Park) close in the wet season while in others (Tarangire National Park) the animals travel for from the water sources so are harder to see.
  • The best chance of seeing the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti is during June and July and the time to see the wildebeest calving is late January to February. 
  • One of the main things to remember is that during the dry season there is less standing water in the National Parks and so the best time for safari is during these times. The animals searching for daily water congregate at water holes, rivers and lakes meaning sightings are easier and more frequent.


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When To Climb Mt Kilimanjaro

January-March OR June-October. January-March is generally colder than June-October and there is a higher probability of encountering snow on the summit.

 We have found that the earlier in the year you climb Kilimanjaro then the weather is generally colder and there is a higher chance of there being snow on the summit. This means that it can be a harder trek but on the flip side means the mountain is much quieter.

 Mount Kilimanjaro has its unique weather patterns created by itself. It is primarily due to its extreme height. The weather from January to February is warm, and it starts to rain from April to May. June and July goes cold while the weather in August and September becomes sunny and dry.

Due to it’s shear size the weather patterns on the top of Kilimanjaro vary significantly. Wind and snowfall can vary from none to thrashing gales and deep snow.   Better to equip yourself for long cold nights. 

When To See The Serengeti Migration
On A A Tanzania Safari

 One of the biggest draws on a Tanzania Safari is to see the Serengeti’s great wildebeest migration. The Great migration, as it is known, is the migration of 1000s of Wildebeast, accompanied by other grazers like zebra, impala and eland throughout northern Tanzania and southern Kenya.

The migration has been taking place for 100s of years and is dictated by the rainfall as the huge numbers of animals search for new grazing.

The river crossings are spectacular and give you the national Geographic viewings but another popular time to visit is during the birthing of the Wildebeast babies in a 2 week period in February.

Many of our guests are happy just to wake up in their remote lodge one morning and see the endless herds stretching out on the plains around the lodge.

 The question should really be about the ‘best places’ to see them during a given time of the year – and when visiting them is most enjoyable.

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