Walking Safaris In Tanzania

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Walking Safaris In Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the best places for walking safaris in Africa. It is however critical to know the difference between ‘trekking up slopes’ as in climbing Kilimanjaro or even Mt Meru  and a true walking safari in Tanzania. We work some of Tanzania’s best walking safari guides, who have led walking safaris through the majority of the specialist walking safari areas in Tanzania, including the Ruaha, Selous, Arusha and Mahale. These walking safari guides have been among the early pioneers of longer walking safaris in the Ngorongoro Highlands and the Gol Mountains in the north.

Tanzania also contains some of the greatest National Parks and wildlife areas remaining on the planet. A few days in its wilderness will exhilarate you and give you a brief glimpse into how the world used to be, back as far as the dawn of mankind.

When most people think of going on safari, images of riding in jeeps with a guide as you take on the rough dirt tracks on the plains of the Serengeti spring to mind, but walking safaris are an experience that allows visitors to get closer to nature and really engage with the sights and smells of the bush. Naturally, there are not walking trails that you can explore at your leisure; walking safaris are operated by different camps within different parks by highly trained and extremely well-armed guides and rangers.

There are some guidelines for visitors to follow if they want to take part in a walking safari; these include wearing long trousers and subtle, muted colours for exploring the bush in. Suitable footwear such as walking boots rather than flip flops are required. The most important rule on a walking safari is listening to your guides who will give instructions on how to enjoy a safe walking safari.

Lodges in the southern and western parks of Tanzania offer walking safaris, though not all of them of this particular activity, it is best to check before you book. The lodges in Selous and Ruaha offer particularly excellent walking safari experiences, but there are other parks that offer this activity, though few of the Northern Tanzania Safari parks offer walking safaris exceptions are Arusha and Ngorongoro.

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