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Family Holiday In Tanzania

eeA Tanzania Safari is a treat for all ages and makes a family vacation. The excitement of the adventure is shared between everyone and creates everlasting memories for parents, grandparents and children. The beauty of a Tanzanian safari is that each one is very different. Every glimpse of the animal world is so special and different that even if members of the family have been on safari before they are bound to see something different.

We have prepared many wonderful family safaris in Tanzania – however, there are many areas that require careful study and planning to make sure it is perfect for your family.  Please note that children under the age of 6 are not allowed in many accommodations and camps.

Safaris are undoubtedly not cheap – especially if you start bringing all of your children with you! Fortunately, many camps these days offer great deals on family tents, family villas, and family-friendly homes, so you can have a full and private family vacation. It should be remembered that they reduce the international air fare for people under the age of 12.

For children traveling with very young children, we usually recommend a larger hotel these have air conditioning, are completely safe and well built. Hotels like these are also often staffed to accommodate children with children’s meals and babysitting services.

The main question we are asked by parents is – Is a family safari safe for children?

Any Tanzania safari does have an element of risk as you are entering into the home areas of wild animals. However, we only work with well-established and well-managed safari camps and lodges. The main thing to remember is that your safari is very safe as long as you follow the instructions and updates from camp managers and camp guides.

All the founders of MyTanzaniaSafari have children and we are on hand to offer advice no matter what you need answered . . get in touch.

Our Insider Guide For Family Holiday In Tanzania
  • Rooming – If camping  organise a large family tent that you can also stay in. In lodges and hotels try and get interconnecting rooms.
  • Relax – Tanzania is big and there are a lot of potential destinations, with a family we recommend staying a few nights at the same place, taking it slower and allowing the children to adjust.
  • Boredom – kids do get bored very quickly; it is great therefore to have a private safari so you can return to the accommodation whenever you or the kids want. Don’t forget to bring colouring books and games for the kids in the evening
  • After safari – the beautiful coastline of Tanzania and the spice islands of Zanzibar and Pemba offer plenty of watersports and outdoor activities for the children.
  • Half Term – Consider a short trip in mid-February or mid-October, as you can often benefit from off-season prices and fewer travelers.
  • Special Offers -Ask us about special offers for families and children – these change often and there are often great offers that you can take advantage of.


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