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Camping Safari Tanzania

What is a Tanzanian Camping Safari?

So what is a camping safari and how does it contrast with different safaris? All of our safaris allow you a great adventure and it really comes down to where you are going to be overnighting.

After a long day exploring the National Parks of Tanzania and hunting for the Big 5 you are feeling tired – now where do you overnigh. Without a doubt the most adventurous (and also cheapest option) is a night under the stars with the wilds surrounding you. 

Camping Safari – How It Works

Camping on a Tanzanian Safari is very different from the old style camping we did as children.  If you decide on a camping safari – firstly – we provide all the equipment for you from a tent , to depending on the trip a camp bed and mattress and sheets or a bed roll and sleeping bag. All the equipment is carried on the vehicle with you and travels between destinations with you. In the camps we will provide you with a camping table and camping chairs, so it really is a comfortable way of enjoying the peace and serenity of the African bush.

All aspects of your safari are taken care of and that’s why one of our safari cooks is accompanying your group, on the camping days he will cook you three filling meals: there is a nice English breakfast, a hot lunch or a lunch box (this depends if you are on a game drive for a full day or if you would like to come back to the camp for your hot lunch).

Then there is a delicious warm dinner with soup of the day, main dish and some fruits, pudding or fruit salad as a dessert. The cook does not accompany you on your game drive; instead staying back at the campsite. His job of course is cooking, but he is also security for your luggage and all the camping equipment. This means you don’t have to worry about anything during your game-drive; you just relax, feel free and comfortable. 

Safety On a Camping Safari

At many of the campsites that we stay at there are wild animals in the area and there is a chance they will visit the campsite at the night. There are armed guards at nearly all campsites and they provide protection and with common sense everyone can live harmoniously. 


Our Insider Guide For Camping Safari Tanzania
  • NO FOOD IN YOUR TENT! This is the most important African camping safety tip, and also general camping around animals safety tip.
  • Take an empty bottle / plastic bag into your tent at night – no one wants to go to the toilet at 0200. 
  • If you see or hear animals outside, stay calm, stay in your tent, and try not to move.
  • Don’t sleep with your tent door open/ make sure holes are closed up.
  • Don’t forget that the animals do not register you or the tent as food.
  • Get the driver to stop at a supermarket on the way to start your safari – stock up on treats you will miss on the road. 


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