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Where to go for a Tanzania Safari

Broken down by the 3 major Tanzania Safari Circuits - Northern Circuit, Southern Circuit & Western Circuit
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Where to go for a Tanzania Safari

The first question on anyone’s mind when planning a Tanzania Safari is Where to go for a Tanzania Safari. Most people taking holidays in Tanzania for the first time will wish to combine a safari with a stay on the island of Zanzibar.

Tanzania is a vast, wild and often unbridled destination. From the rising snow-capped spires of Mount Kilimanjaro to the sheer golden walls of the Great Rift Valley, endless plains of scorched Serengeti and the laid back island life of Zanzibar – there is so much to see and do in Tanzania. Every corner of Tanzania has something a little different on offer which is why choosing the right safari destination is important for those who are seeking the experience of a lifetime.

Some people prefer to beat the bush as they walk, to squat down and watch a pride of lions yawn in the shade, to sleep beneath the stars and cook simple meals over a flickering fire. Other people prefer the thrill and excitement of racing through the Serengeti in a four wheel drive with the wind in their hair, before returning to relax in the pool and sip a cocktail at their luxury lodge. Whatever side of Tanzania you are searching for, we are confident that we can deliver all your dreams in an instant.

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Northern Circuit Southern Circuit Western Circuit
Remoteness 2/5 4/5 5/5
Game Viewing 5/5 4/5 3/5
Honeymoon Experience 3/5 5/5 3/5
Budget Friendly 5/5 3/5 1/5
Family Experience 5/5 4/5 2/5

National Parks Of Tanzania

Ngorongoro Crater

small ngorongoro crater national park download infographic

Serengeti National Park

small serengeti national park download infographic

Tarangire National Park

small tarangire national park download infographic

Lake Manyara National Park

small manyara national park download infographic

Arusha National Park

small arusha national park download infographic

Mikumi National Park

small arusha national park download infographic

Ruaha National Park

small ruaha national park download infographic

Saadani National Park

small Saadani national park download infographic

Udzungwa National Park

small udzungwa national park download infographic

Nyerere National Park

small selous national park download infographic

Katavi National Park

small katavi national park download infographic

Mahale Mountains National Park

small mahale national park download infographic

Gombe Stream National Park

small gombe national park download infographic

Rubundo Island National Park

small rubundo national park download infographic

Kitulo Plateau National Park

small Kitulo national park download infographic

Other Destinations Of Tanzania

Lake Victoria

Lake Eyasi

Lake Natron

Ol doinyo lengai

Mount Meru

Mount Kilimanjaro







Exciting, enthralling and full of wonder with a dash of home comfort this is the Northern Circuit of Tanzania. The Northern Circuit is by far one of the most popular safari destinations in Africa. Visitors wanting to explore the sun baked continent often dream of watching the Great Migration cross the flaming Serengeti Plains and are thrilled to stand on the edge of the breath-taking and ancient Ngorongoro Crater. In the Northern Circuit you can hear the hooves of a million wildebeests, watch a flock of pink flamingos take flight, witness elephants rear their young, and see the misty mornings broil over Mount Kilimanjaro. This is the place of fizzing grey ash alkaline lakes, the place where man took his first steps and the place where the customs of the Maasai people echo through the forests.

The most popular destinations in the Northern Circuit include the world famous plains of the Serengeti National Park, the velvet green slopes of the Ngorongoro Crater Rim, the fabulous tree climbing lions of Lake Manyara, the historical Olduvai Gorge, and the epic and ever-changing landscape of Kilimanjaro National Park.


Wild, untouched and alive with the true spirit of adventure – this is the Southern Circuit of Tanzania. For those who are seeking the dark heart of Africa the Southern Circuit is a prime destination. Feel the humidity of the ancient rainforests, trek through the bush and get off the beaten track in the mysterious and magical safari paradise of the Southern Circuit. Travelers who want to embrace Africa as it was thousands of years ago will soak up the splendour of unchartered territory, abundant wildlife and a sky flooded with stars when they choose this side of Tanzania.

The Southern Circuit of Tanzania includes the heart of the elephant lands known as the Ruaha National Park, the sprawling and stunning wilderness of the Selous Game Reserve and the Milkumi National Park. In the shadow of the Udzungwa Mountains, gushing waterfalls tumble from cliffs, the screech of the Sanje Crested Mangabey echoes through the lush green trees and there are no other footprints to be found aside from your own. The Southern Circuit is a lost world, a world of untouched nature, serene lodges and camps and not another vehicle in sight. This is the Tanzania of wilderness dreams and one that will take you back in time.


The western circuit is the domain of high mountains, lonely lakes, and remote areas. Yes the south circuit is off the beaten track but the west circuit there is no track. Although not the main reason to visit Tanzania, the western circuit promises a variety of events and an exciting side trip to any wildlife trip.

Since this area is so far away, the only way to get here is by plane or boat. Air travel can start from Arusha, Dar es Salaam or even Zanzibar.

Lying in the Great Rift Valley are the inland lakes, Lake Victoria and Lake Tanganyika.  These hug the western coast of Tanzania and are most famous for supporting three national parks in this circuit which offer the only safe opportunities to see chimpanzees in the wild today. The habitats of these areas are a fusion between West and East Africa. This is home to Tanzania’s resident chimpanzee populations.


One of the great attractions of Tanzania is its fantastic 800 km coastline with palm fringed breaches of white sand and the historic towns of Dar es Salaam, Bagamoyo, Pangani, Kilwa and Lindi. The historic Swahili Coast towns of Kilwa and Tanga combine beautiful beaches and history. Bright, bustling and abundant in the rich scent of spice – this is Zanzibar! Zanzibar makes for a fabulous safari destination break for those who want to kick back and relax on the sunny shores for a few days. The Spice Island manages to combine the excitement of a capital city with an exotic beach break. Here you can explore the winding streets of Stone Town, eat fabulous and fresh seafood, haggle over curiosities at the bazaar and sip tea in the tiny backstreet cafes. On the other side of the coin you can dive down to the beautiful coral reefs, splash in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and soak up the sun on the pristine white sands of Zanzibar’s famous beaches.

Vegetation In Tanzania Destinations

Savannah is perhaps the quintessential African landscape but Tanzania has much more. – mountain ranges, woodland and forest, marsh and swamp, rivers and lakes, mangroves and coral reefs. From the fertile coastal zone the planes rise up the Maasai Steppe an area encompassing 50,000 square kilometres of open grassland supporting over 3,000,000 large game animal in the Serengeti alone. Semi-arid, the steppe is a gently undulating carpet of red oat grass in the rainy season broken only by the eroded stumps of old hard basement rocks called inselbergs or kopjes. Have you seen the Lion King? Pride rock is based on a very famous kopje in the central Seronera area of Serengeti – now you know where to go on a Tanzania Safari with kids.

The eastern arm of the rift valley which has done so much to form the topography the of the continent is about 100 km wide here and divides the northern steppe from the vast central plateau. Roughly encircling the interior is a broken curve of ancient crystalline hills that rise near Kilimanjaro and follow the north and south Paare mountains, the Usambaras, Udzungwa and finally finishing in the southern highlands. These areas such as Udzungwa Mountains National Park preserve isolated remnants of the equatorial forest which in the long past stretched in an unbroken belt from west to east Africa, now they are reduced to these islands of endemic species; home to animals and plants found nowhere else in the world.

Tanzania’s predominant vegetation in the west is miombo woodland – grasslands filled with Brachystagia trees. This belt flows from Lake Victoria in the north to Mozambique in the north over 1200km. This is occasionally broken up by features of the rift valley including small lakes and craters such as Lake Eyasi. Eyasi is home to one of Tanzania’s 120 tribes and probably the most unique. The Hadzabe are hunter gatherers and speak a similar click language to the Bushmen of the Kalahari- a great location for a Tanzanian coastal safari.

The coastline of Tanzania known as the Swahili Coast was at Kilwa Kisiwani the starting point for the Swahili culture where Arabs arrived and integrated with the tribes producing the Swahili culture we know today.


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