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Top 10 Tips For Planning Your Tanzania Safari

Top 10 Tips For Planning Your Tanzania Safari

  1. 1 Live the dream is there something you have always dreamed of – seeing wild chimpanzees, watching the migration from a hot air balloon or staying on the white sand beaches of Zanzibar…..make sure you include your dreams
  2. 2North or South Choose your Tanzania safari circuit – the north with the more famous parks guarantees sightings and ticks a lot of boxes – the south is much more wild, with a more authentic safari experience.
  3. 3 Activities Decide what you want to do on your safari – being in the car is not for some people – consider a walking or boat safari to break the days up. You have decided on your safari and now do you want to combing with a Kilimanjaro climb, Swahili coast tour or Zanzibar beach
  4. 4 Accommodation This plays a huge part in the enjoyment of your Tanzanian holiday…are you looking for camping in the parks? Lodges or the ultimate experience luxury tented camps? 
  5. 5Budget Due to the remote nature of an African safari and our natural desire to include all the highlights, Tanzanian safaris can be very expensive. The good news is that there are options for travellers looking to experience a safari holiday on a budget. Sharing your budget with your safari consultant will enable your consultant to advise you on a safari trip that encompasses all that you wish to do within your budget,
  6. 6When To Go Depending on what you want to see – certain times work better so choose when to go on safari wisely e.g. the Serengeti migration. Don’t forget Tanzania unlike Europe and America does not have a cold and warm season but rather a wet and dry season.
  7. 7Who With Is this a family trip or are you looking for a honeymoon – depending on who you are travelling with can make a big difference to your itinerary and accommodation.
  8. 8Private or Shared Linked to the above – do you want a private tour (with your group in the vehicle alone) or is a group tour (sharing and much cheaper) for you? Choose a private or shared safari
  9. 9Download Still not sure or want a bit more information…download our Tanzania Safari guide.  Full of information to plan and book your next Tanzania adventure.
  10. 10Contact Once you have an idea of what you want it’s time to contact a safari rep

Top 10 Tips When On Your Tanzania Safari

  1. 1 Keep the noise down! A lot of safari first timers get caught up in the excitement of a safari and forget the animals aren’t tame! Don’t wave or make noise  -you are in the animal’s habitat – respect it.
  2. 2 Wear the right gear! Part of the fun of safari is wearing the right clothes. We recommend green and khaki – great if on a bushwalk but also the best colours to keep mosquitos away.
  3. 3 Relax! Tanzania and Africa in general work on a different timescale to the rest of the world. Sometimes things take a little longer but that gives you more time to sit back and enjoy your holiday.
  4. 4Take lots of pics! This is often a once-in-a-lifetime trip and we recommend you take as many pics as possible to remember it. Do bear in mind that a phone camera will not give you those great photos you see in magazines – invest in a new digital camera with as big a lens as you can afford. 
  5. 5Rise early! Mornings in the bush in Africa are one of the most beautiful times – the sun is not too hot and the wildlife are active. Get out of bed early and enjoy this special time.
  6. 6Sundowners Tanzania is made even more special by sitting down after a long day with an ice cold drink and watching the sunset – we love sundowners.
  7. 7Bring your binos! It’s not a zoo so that leopard could be hiding up the tree on the other side of the riverbank – you do not want to miss that opportunity!
  8. 8Birdlife Many 1st timers on safari ignore the birds but once you have seen 1000 zebra you will begin to notice the brilliant flashes of colour and you will have become a birder!
  9. 9Question All our driver / guides are well experienced – this is what they do for a living and they love to share that knowledge – test them!
  10. 10Be Healthy Even though most of your time is in the car make sure you drink plenty of water and keep well covered from the sun!


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