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Tanzania National Park Guides

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Tanzania National Park Guides

We are a group of specialist Tanzania safari enthusiasts that have been working with the Tanzanian tourism industry for the last 25 years. In all this time we have never found a good National Park guide and so decided to put one together.

We decided to put a breakdown and ranking for all National Parks In Tanzania – compiled by a team of 20 experts. Our experts range from on ground safari guides, international agents and hotel owners.

We hope this helps pick the perfect holiday destination.

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Park Name



Animal Viewing




Arusha NP

Gombe Stream NP

Katavi NP

Kilimanjaro NP

Kitulo Plateau NP

Lake Mayara NP

Mahale Mountains NP

Mikumi NP

Ngorongoro Crater

Nyerere NP (Selous)

Ruaha NP

Rubundo Island NP

Saadani NP

Serengeti NP