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One of the first questions guests ask us is what is the actual safari day like in Tanzania.

 Safari Days

So your day begins early in Africa – especially if you are sleeping in the National Park; waking early and watching the early morning sun light up the wilderness (and occasionally the wildlife). Now you can plan to head straight out, maybe a cup of coffee and biscuit to keep the chill out but heading into the park early is a special experience. After a few hours of wildlife viewing; you can return to your lodge or campsite and have breakfast.

Other days you may leave the lodge after breakfast and travel of into the National Park; you can then either spend the whole day reaching a remote area of the park with a packed lunch or you can return to the lodge / campsite and have a warm lunch. We recommend that everyone sits down with their safari guide and discuss day by day what you will be doing. If you are on a private safari (you alone in the vehicle) then you have full control of where you will go.

In all honesty what is it like on a Tanzania Safari can vary quite a lot depending on the vehicle used and the group you are with. Some pointers include:

* Wildlife on safari is normally most active at the cooler times of the day – be it early morning or early evening. This is also the time where you are most likely to see hunting.

* Safari Photography is often hard in the bright Tanzanian sunshine of the middle of the day. Meaning the best times for wildlife viewing are either early morning and late afternoon.


Tanzania Travel Days

Unless you are on a fly-in safari there will be some driving to the National Parks and between them; on these days unless there is a morning activity we recommend setting of early. This is where you need to rely on a good Tanzania Safari company that can recommend the correct route for your holiday.

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