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Private Safari or Shared Safari

Will you share your Tanzanian Safari vehicle with others and save money or will you have a Private Safari allowing you to make the decisions.
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Private or Shared Safari

You have decided where you want to go on safari and now you have two important questions for your safari

 A Private Tanzania Safari means that you alone hire the safari vehicle and the safari guide. The benefit of this is you get to make choices on the smaller day to day decisions – like when to start in the morning and what to concentrate on that day. You make all the choices with some recommendations from your tour operator and daily with your safari guide.

 The obvious main difference on a private safari is the cost – these are much more expensive but really do give a totally different safari experience. Our guides have years of experience and know every corner of each and every National Park but at the end of the day on a private safari it is you who decides what to do and where to go.

A Group Safari or a Shared Tanzania Safari is where you are booked on the same Safari itinerary with other people. These groups are usually small (less than 8 people) and obviously the driver has to make compromises for all the guests, meaning ultimately you have less control. The good thing with safari in Tanzania is that it attracts a lot of like minded people – wildlife lovers and adventurers meaning that many of our shared safari guests end up making friends for life. 

Yes! Are you tired of budget awareness? Small groups can be great options. Don’t worry too much about money, and don’t worry about privacy and schedule control? Personal tours can be yours. Either way, contact us today and find the right one for you. Tanzania is waiting.


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