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A Tanzanian Safari is often a once in a lifetime expereince and you know that you need to get it right – be it where you visits. Welcome to our home … the land of safari – Tanzania. We are a group of specialist Tanzania safari enthusiasts that have been working with the Tanzanian tourism industry for the last 25 years. Now through this site we are looking to share our Tanzania Safari knowledge with everyone who wants to visit this amazing country.

We have specialized in arranging tailor-made travel, Tanzania safaris, Serengeti Wildebeest Migration Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro, Serengeti Camping safari to, East Africa, and are trusted by more and more clients to create a memorable holiday experience.

Tanzania is a very vast country and the largest in East Africa. It harbours some of the best National Parks and mountains. It is the home of Africa’s highest mountain, Mt. Kilimanjaro. Serengeti that is home to the world’s most famous natural event has earned the country fame all over the world.

As a perfect combination to your Tanzania Safari we are also able to offer climbs to the top of Africa – summiting Kilimanjaro or relaxing on the beautiful beaches of the Swahili Coast and the world famous island of Zanzibar.

With so many activiites on offer in Tanzania – from the Serengeti Wildebeast Migration, to the magical Ngorongoro Crater or the home of the Chimpanzees at Gombe we are here to advise and help


Northern Tanzania Safaris
The North of Tanzania is just spectacular. The beautiful lush area around Arusha is home to Mount Kilimanjaro reaching a height of 5,895 metres. This snow-capped volcano, not yet extinct, is the highest point on the entire African continent. But this is also the area of the great parks. It includes the Tarangire National Park with its herds of Elephant and Baobab landscape, Lake Manyara on the edge of the rift valley and the Serengeti National Park as well as the unforgettable Ngorongoro Crater ; a sort of living Noah’s Ark and the beautiful volcano studded Conservation Area that surrounds it. This is also the home of the vast migratory plains of the Serengeti, undoubtedly the most famous and most spectacular safari country in the world.

Southern Tanzania Safaris
At lower altitude the parks of the South tend to have a more dense vegetation but although less visited they are equally beautiful. The Selous Game Reserve , (the largest Game reserve in the world) offers wonderful game viewing, as do the isolated Parks of Katavi, Mikumi and Ruaha .
Dar es Salaam, on the Indian Ocean, is a bustling, noisy and not particularly attractive city and most people tend to just pass through on their way elsewhere.

Zanzibar and the islands
There are three main islands off the coast of Unguja the main island usually referred to as Zanzibar, Pemba to the North and Mafia Island to the South. Each island has its own unique character but it is the main island of Zanzibar that has captured the world’s imagination with its fascinating multi-cultural history, the strangely decadent and exotic crumbling Stone Town and its beautiful beaches.

The Northern Circuit

The Northern Circuit is the most frequented by tourists for two reasons: most of the destinations are fairly close to each other and many of Tanzania’s most famous sights, such as Ngorongoro Crater, the Serengeti and Mt Kilimanjaro are all a part of this circuit. Due to the fact that all the parks, towns and attractions are within easy reach of one another, one can tour this entire circuit by vehicle with only a couple of hours in-between destinations.


The Coastal Circuit

One of the great attractions of Tanzania is its fantastic 800 km coastline with palm fringed beaches of white sand and the historic towns of Dar es Salaam, Bagamoyo, Kilwa, Lindi, Mikindani and Mtwara, along with the exotic islands of Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia.


Swahili language and culture trace their roots to the Indian Ocean coastline. Many explorers, sultans and slave traders encountered Africa for the first time along this history-steeped coastline and contributed to the events that were to define modern Tanzania. The islands of the Zanzibar Archipelago became principal stepping stones for the culture that was to mould Tanzania’s people and their language.


The Southern Circuit

The national parks and game reserves of the Southern Circuit are, arguably, the hidden treasures of Tanzania’s authentic Africa. These parks are enormous, with some of the highest concentrations of animals anywhere in Africa and a spectacular diversity of wildlife including roan antelope, sable antelope, Cape hunting dogs, and a multitude of colourful birdlife. The lodges and camps of the South are small and intimate, with no more than 30 rooms or tents at the very most. This means there are far fewer tourists in the South compared to the North, and allows the area to hold true to the tenets of eco-tourism. The travel times between parks in the South are long as the parks are far apart. The parks of the South can be visited independently, or as a circuit combining various parks into one package. Packages can be arranged using scheduled air services or as road safaris using 4×4 vehicles.


The Western Circuit

Lying in the Great Rift Valley are the inland lakes, Lake Victoria and Lake Tanganyika. All three national parks in this circuit offer the only safe opportunities to see chimpanzees in the wild today. The habitats of these areas are a merger between Western Africa and East Africa therefore the cultures, rainfall and flora are unique to this small area. The Western circuit is seldom experienced on its own but is more often an addition to either the Southern or Northern circuits, or both. The Western circuit is so remote that travel by both aircraft and boat is necessary in order to experience this lovely side of Tanzania.



Where should I go and when?

As with so many things the best thing for you depends on your interests. Many of Tanzania’s national parks and game reserves have unique appeal throughout the year although the game viewing experience and the ‘human’ experience can vary considerably depending on the time of year you visit. Below we have created a pictorial reference based on what in our experience works best for most people. Please slide the graph around and hover over the lines to find out why we rate each place when we do.

A Tanzanian Safari is often a once in a lifetime experience and you know that you need to get it right – be it where you visit or what you see…..speak to an expert


Tanzania is a country of great diversity. Within its borders lie some of the most spectacular grass-lands rich with game, the majestic peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Mere and the exotic spice islands of Zanzibar. The country is split by the Great Rift Valley which is offset by a series of lakes forming part of the 61,000 sq. kms. of inland waters. Over 14% of the land in Tanzania is under some form of protection scheme. Bordered by a total of eight countries and the Indian Ocean to the East, the following are just a taste of what Tanzania has to offer:

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